Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Favorite online shops

Today's Blogtember challenge is to share your favorite online shops.

Other than Amazon, I don't do a lot of online shopping.

But I remembered a couple things that I wanted to share.

It would be awesome if they got some sales from this too... :)

Anyway, the first one I am going to share is an Etsy store. She is a girl who was one of my best friends before I got married AND she sang at my wedding. I miss her beautiful face.

Her shop is HERE.  And here are a couple of my favorites:

Another online shop that you should check out is here (  They supply free and low cost books for parishes and individuals also.  These are a couple of my favorite:

And I have one more to share. 

A bloggy friend, {Thanks Tracy}, got a lovely gift from Penny & A Wish.  They are the cutest and you can design your own custom hand-stamped sterling silver jewelry.  Here is their Facebook link and you can sign up for their newsletter.

Here is just a little sample of their stuff: 


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  1. So fabulous. Love my Penny necklace, a treasured fave forever!!!


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