Friday, September 6, 2013


Today's Blogtember challenge is to tell a story about a time you were very afraid.

This is relatively easy. 

I became very afraid the day I became a mother.

That was twenty years ago, and again fifteen years ago.

I just don't have many pics of me with my babies...these are terrible but they'll do the trick.
(My advice to new moms, you are always going to be the ones taking the pictures,
make sure you get in a few too.)

Afraid of all the unknowns.

Afraid of all the trials and outcomes.

Afraid of doing it wrong.

Afraid of doing it right and it still turning out wrong.

Afraid of the choices they will make.

Afraid of the things they will do.

Afraid of the things they will not do.

It doesn't lessen as they grow up, the fears just change.

But all the while being afraid, I have been proud of who they have become.

Thanks for stopping by! See you Monday for the next Blogtember challenge.

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