Wednesday, August 7, 2013

How I Feel Right Now

Sitting here with a crazy headache
Crazy day that made me feel bad, because apparently I made someone else feel bad
Someone who is the last person I would ever want to make feel bad
I didn’t know it
I didn't intend it
Feels like a no win situation
Realization today is that no matter what I do, feelings are going to be hurt
I desperately don’t want that to be the outcome
I care about these people


Things happening that are beyond my control
Issues that have been forced into my life by someone I had taken out of my life
Trying to be there for the one left to pick up the pieces
Trying to be there for the ones left with no answers
Trying to be there for the ones that don’t know yet how this will affect them
These are my crosses for now


  1. Healings and Hugs sent your way hun... hoping for better days soon for you! Your friend Tammy G


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