Friday, August 30, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday

Here we go...
--- 1 ---

Last weekend we had an office cookout. All of us and our families were welcomed to the homestead of another staff member. The kids enjoyed the farm animals and almost everyone enjoyed riding Daisy. She is a great horse that put up with being led around the yard with toddlers on her back to being taken for a full trail ride by an adult and the a few more people decided they would take a ride too. It was a beautiful day with delicious food and great conversation. It was a really nice time to get together with everyone outside of the office.
My Hunter taking a ride on Daisy.

--- 2 ---

I came across this short article the other day. It says a lot about the value of every life. It is called “When sparrows fall: A tribute to a baby girl". You can read it here, I highly recommend it.

--- 3 ---

Lately my son has surprised me with tidbits of thoughts he is having. This sort of thing is usually the funniest when your kids are toddlers, but when they are 14 I guess you just don’t expect it as much. Anyway, at the county fair, while eating deep fried Oreo’s, he says “these are like the opposite of baptism, they are so good they are sinful”.

Then the other night he comes out of his room and asks to get on my computer. He then pulls up a Youtube video that is the theme song from the video game “Civilization IV”. The song is titled “Baba Yetu”. So he plays it and then says guess what it is? It’s “The Lord’s Prayer” sung in Swahili. He knew I would appreciate it and decided to show me, I’m so glad he did, it really is beautiful.

--- 4 ---

Did you see Anderson Coopers interview with Antoinette Tuff? She is the lady that talked down the Georgia school shooter last week. What she did was amazing and she is completely up front that God did it through her. Her words “God has a way of showing you what’s in you”. What an amazing witness her story is! This is a small clip from the interview. 

--- 5 ---

School starts next week. Hunter says “I think I’m excited but I know it won’t last long”. It seems like only a few weeks ago when I was posting about all his end of year activities. Summer goes by way to fast.

Anyway, I did his school supply shopping today. And I hate it. Maybe everyone hates it, but it is just crazy. First of all, the stores put the supplies out with great prices at least a month ago. The problem is you don’t get the list of what your kids need until the week before school starts. So by the time you can go fight through the masses to find the right size binders and the correct color of folders, everything has been picked through, half of everything doesn’t have a price on it, and most of what is left is the most expensive of it all.

Now, I guess the solution is to pick up what you think your kid might need as soon as the stores have it out, the problem with that is the lists are specific and different by teacher and grade that you don’t really know what to get. For example, you probably can’t go wrong if you buy pens, pencils and notebook paper, right? But if you try to buy binders you definitely won’t be getting the right size. One subject needs a 1 inch binder, another a 3 inch, and on and on. And I certainly don’t need heavy duty, sure kids are rough on their stuff but they are going to destroy it anyway, so I would rather just get the economy priced one. Sorry for the rant, but I am cheap economic, and it is drives me crazy to not be able to get the best deal.

--- 6 ---

I have decided that I would take on another blogging challenge. (Do you remember the 7 Posts in 7 Days challenge?) Well this one was brought to my attention by a sweet blogger that I recently discovered. Her name is Nay and she is just adorable, and she is so real, she just makes you feel good when you read her posts. She blogs over at coffee-n-ink

The Blogtember Challenge is hosted by Jenni at “Story of my Life”. The challenge is to blog a total of 20 days in September (you get Labor Day and weekends off) and she gives you a topic for each day of the challenge. That is what clinched it for me. So be on the lookout for many posts coming from me in September! 

--- 7 ---

This has been an exciting week for me at work. I took a new position. It is really a promotion and I am excited. I have a lot of ideas and can’t wait to get started. It means a lot of changes and that is always hard, but I am up for the challenge and hope I can make a difference. Keep me in your prayers, I may need them.
Have a Fun Labor Day Weekend!
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  1. Hi there! I'm on my way with the Lil family to visit family in Nevada and I'm happy I could check my email before shutting down for the weekend:) thanks so much for the shout out and for doing Blogtember with me! I'm happy to have some different topics to do each day. Have a great weekend!!! xoxo


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