Tuesday, April 2, 2013

My 32 cent Gap pants {WIWS} {OTI} Easter Edition

This is my first What I Wore Sunday linkup post.  I don't normally link up because what I wear is so absolutely boring and repetitive that it wouldn't be of any interest to anyone.  But I had myself a new outfit for my favorite Mass of the year, my twelfth Easter Vigil. The highlight being my 32 cent dress pants from the Gap Outlet.  So here it is...


Pants: Gap ($0.32!!)
Shirt: Kohl's (on sale)
Black Long Sleeve Shirt: had for so long, I don't remember
Earrings: Van Heusen (Clearance $1.99)
(Sorry I didn't go with nice springy colors but it's just not springy around here yet, hence the long sleeve shirt)

Well thanks for letting me play along and go check out all the others at Grace's and Fine Linen and Purple.


  1. That's an excellent outfit; the design on your shirt is beautiful. Congrats on that super-steal on your Gap pants! P.S.- I love your blog's title, as well as your header. Did you create it yourself?

    1. Thanks so much Lee. I did create the header myself using picmonkey. (thanks to Cari Donaldson's advise) Thanks for commenting and I will stop by your blog soon to get to know you better.


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