Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Random Family Stuff

One of the reasons I started this blog was to keep in touch with my family that are spread out over the US and Germany.  A lot of my posts lately have been about me and my faith journey, so I thought I would post some things about the rest of my world.

Last week, Hunter was part of the high school band that got to perform at the Capital Building in Albany.  That in itself was pretty neat, but I think the highlight of the day for all of them was going to the mall afterward.  Here is the group shot:

Kayla has just pretty much been working and hanging out with her friends and her boyfriend.  She is working at Wendy's in the mall, and trying to figure out what her next steps in life will be.
John has been keeping busy with the fire department and work, like usual.  
And I have busy at work.  Lots of projects, which is probably pretty typical in health care these days.  We have all our offices up and running on the Electronic Medical Record which was no small task.  We have another doctor starting next week, but his staff has been using the EMR so the transition should be pretty smooth. We are in the beginning phases of getting our four health center recognized as Patient Centered Medical Homes.  This is a huge project that I am in charge of and am looking forward to the process.  I do well with big projects, I'm finding.
Anyway, that's a little update for all my family.  Sorry, nothing too major going on, but we are desperately awaiting spring weather and especially June when we get to see my sister and her family again from Germany.  So excited!!

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