Saturday, May 25, 2013

Seven Quick Takes

--- 1 ---
I didn’t grow up on a farm or even anywhere near one. And honestly when I was younger I probably wouldn’t have noticed anyway. But over the last few years I have taken notice at how fast the summer corn grows. For some reason it is just amazing to me. I pass many fields of it every day as I drive to work and it just seems incredible to me. I have wanted to photo document it for a while now, but never have done it, so this year I decided I would do it. Once a week I am going to stop at the same field and take a picture or two of the field. I started this week and hope to include them in each week’s quick takes. If I decide not to do quick takes some week, I will just post them as a single blog post. I hope you are as amazed as I am by how quickly the corn grows.
Monday full field
Monday close up to growth

Friday full field and close up of growth.
 (I can't get the stupid picture tool bar to work right so sorry I can't get the pictures bigger...ugghh)
--- 2 ---
Last weekend I was away from home at a retreat for my Formation for Ministry class. It was a very peaceful and rewarding time spent in prayer and reflection. I have grown so much more in my faith over the last few years. Our retreat leader was the priest that brought me into the Catholic Church twelve years ago. For me, that just brings my conversion full circle as I look forward to our commissioning on June 30th.
--- 3 ---
It is the time of year that we begin preparing for the summer mission trip. We take a group of teenagers to Boston to help those in need. The week is spent in service to others but also in praise and worship. The organization we do this through is called Catholic Heart Workcamp. I will be sending out letters early next week for donation requests to help us pay for traveling expenses. Please say a prayer for a safe and blessed week for all the attendees. You can learn more here.

These three songs, on repeat, are what I have been listening to this week. When I say repeat I mean over and over again, I just can’t hear them enough. Hope you love them as much as I do.
--- 4 ---
Matt Maher – “Sing Over Your Children”
--- 5 ---
Sidewalk Prophets – “Live Like That”
--- 6 ---
Building 429 – “Where I Belong”
--- 7 ---
Hope everyone enjoys the long weekend. As you are enjoying time with family and friends, please remember why you are able to do so. Remember all the soldiers who have died gaining that freedom for you.
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