Saturday, January 26, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: Volume 1

As I have started my blog this week and a lot of what led me to starting my own blog to begin with was discovering many great ones through Jen’s Link Up, I thought it would be a good idea to do my first Quick Takes.  Unfortunately, I was having internet issues yesterday, so this isn't getting posted until Saturday, but oh well…here goes…

1.       Last Friday, after work, I went to a friend’s wine tasting party.  I was glad for the invite and love when I get the chance to hang out with this particular group of friends. She went overboard with the food and the wine was great. I got to meet a couple new people and the conversation was good.  Can’t wait for the next wine tasting.

2.       Saturday I took my son to Clarkson University for his ‘Hands on Computing’ class. He is only in 9th grade, but he is such a smarty pants.  Then on Saturday evening I got to hang out with another group of friends from work.  We had a great time and got our picture taken with our ‘bling’.  (an inside joke but we all look great). 
Don't we look great!

3.       Sunday was spent as usual starting out with religious education class and then Mass.  The rest of the day was spent taking care of laundry and finishing my homework for my Formation for Ministry class.  And of course I ended the day with Downton Abbey. 

4.       And while on the subject of Downton Abbey, everyone should know about the 2013 Masterpiece Classics sweepstakes.  You can enter here every day until April 30, 2013.  The Grand Prize is a trip to England with tours of Highclere Castle (the real name of the Downton Abbey castle…like no one knows this…sheesh), Kensington Palace, and Selfridges and Co. (the business behind the upcoming Mr. Selfridge on Masterpiece).

5.       On Monday I had my Formation for Ministry class that evening.  It was good to have Fr. Bryan as guest lecturer.  And of course we will miss Fr. Tom, but I am looking forward to Fr. Joe’s class.

6.       Tuesday, I posted my first ever blog post!

7.       Thursday was an eventful day for my daughter. First of all, her car didn’t start. She had spent the night at her friend’s apartment and when she went to leave to go home and get ready for work, the car wouldn’t start.  Had to get a mechanic to start it.  Then once she got on her way home, she couldn’t get into the house.  She didn’t have her key and couldn’t find the hidden one.  So she had to go to the school and get her brothers key. She finally made it home and made it to work just in time.  Poor honey, what a bad day.
My kiddo's on Christmas morning!

One last note, with a request, just cause more prayer never hurts.  A co-worker needs prayer as she goes through an awful scary time with some medical uncertainty. 
So that’s it, first one down…don’t forget to go visit Jen at Conversion Diary for all the others.

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  1. I'm so excited that u started a blog! I cant wait to read about your days :) ps: i also love downton :)


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