Friday, November 15, 2013

7 Quick Takes Friday: Great Posts edition

I've been accumulating these links for a little while now to share with you.  There really are some great people posting great stuff out there in the big ol' world wide web.  Please enjoy!!

--- 1 ---

This author expresses so many of my same feelings about the Catholic Church.  It is worth a couple minutes of your time.  Hope you enjoy it as much as I did.  Click here!
--- 2 ---

This piece is a great example of what I feel is needed in the Church today.  I would love to see more cradle Catholics be able to express their faith the way this author has.  But it takes work, I would love to figure out how to help others learn more about this beautiful, full faith that we have.  Click here!

--- 3 ---

This is a great piece that will give hope for young men today.  Click here!

--- 4 ---

I had written a little post a couple weeks ago about some questions some cradle Catholics had about my protestant upbringing.  One of them was about the authority they use.  Then a couple days later, I came across this blog post with a video by Fr. Robert Barron on the same topic.  Here it is!

--- 5 ---

This is pretty interesting.  The author demonstrates twelve traits that show us the true church.  Click here!

--- 6 ---

If you have ever wondered about your prayer life, this is a great blog post that should give you some encouragement.  Click here!

--- 7 ---
Leila at Little Catholic Bubble recently posted this about how people come to God.  As a very intellectual person, she tended to think that people come to God through truth, however it is more usual for people to come to God through love.  Click here!
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