Saturday, June 15, 2013

And Ninth Grade is Done

It's that time of year...awards ceremony, band concert, regents exams, and last day of school. Hunter is finished with Ninth grade.  He couldn't be happier. 

First day of school (doesn't he look thrilled?)

On May 2, 2013 was the award ceremony.  Hunter got two awards, one for Honor Roll (the requirement to get it is three consecutive marking periods, however Hunter was on Honor Roll for all four). The other award was for his participation in Project Challenge at Clarkson University.

The picture is terrible (as is usual in the auditorium) but he is on the right in stripes.

May 16th was the last band concert of the year.  Hunter is a little nervous about next year because, apparently he will be one of only 4 or 5 students in the percussion section.  Some of the kids are graduating and others are switching instruments.  For some strange reason I don't have a picture of him from a concert this school year.  However, he did have two different band trips this year.  In March they got to perform in Albany at the state capitol.  I may have posted this picture earlier, but here is the group shot:

Hunter is in the back just right of center
They also traveled to Lake George for "Trills and Thrills" a couple of weeks ago.  They had a competition at the beginning of the day and then got to go spend the rest of the day at "The Great Escape Amusement Park".  He was really looking forward to this trip, unfortunately it rained the whole day.  He said he still had a good time though.
The last regular day of school was Monday for the high schoolers.  Hunter lugged home all his binders and school work that has been collecting in his locker all year.  I guess I'm gonna have to figure out if any of it is worth keeping or not.
He had his biology regenets exam on Tuesday. Biology was one of his best subjects this year.  He was shooting for a perfect score on the regents. We will see...he says there was one question that he wasn't sure about.  On Wednesday was the Algebra regents, this is the one he was really worried about.  He was shooting for an 80, he says the multiple choice was easy but the problems were hard.  (**Update: He ended up with a 92 on the algebra regents and a 97 on the biology regents!!**)
He participated in Robotics and I am sure he will continue that next year.  The schools Robotics team did really well at the regional compition and he is proud of having some part in the programming of their robot.
That is pretty much Hunter's ninth grade school year in a nutshell. 

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